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The Great Day Formula

Have you ever just had one of those days when you get back home and think, "Man I need more days like that!". I know you can remember one if you try. We all have those days and they are great. One the other hand, we've had days that never seem to end, and all we want to do is crawl in bed and sleep to fast forward to tomorrow.

At the end of the day, when we take a moment to reflect, what makes a great day great? Is it what happens to you? Is it what you do? Is it only good if you achieve something?

The quality of your day definitely can't be determined by the external factors that happen outside of your control. If that was the case, we would all be victims of circumstance. The quality of your day would never be within your control, which is not the case. There have definitely been days when your car break down, you're late for work, that annoying guy chooses to talk to you for longer than usual, but at the end of they day everything seems fine and you even laugh at the thought of it. There have been days when nothing at all goes wrong, but you are running to get back inside the walls of your home.

We've all had day's when we wake up knowing that it will be great-that nothing can bring us down. On those days we most often end up being right if we keep that attitude. There are also days when the first thoughts we have are when we get to go back to bed. Oh... 16 hours... greeeat. It seems that no matter what good happens to us that day, we brush it off as "what's suppose to happen" or we don't even notice it because all we can focus on is the coffee and the future concept of sleeping again.

So what makes a great day? What is a systematic approach to maximize your great days? What can you do to ensure that you have a positive and energetic outlook no matter what the day throws at you? Try this.

I've put together the 4 step strategy to ensure a good day.

The Great Day Formula

Step 1: Choose to have a great day

Bare with me on this one because I know it seems obvious and unhelpful. Here's what I mean.

To make almost anything happen, you have to set some kind of intention to do so. Even with something so simple as watching a movie, you still have to choose to put the movie on and choose to focus on the film as it runs. There is even effort being exerted in the form of your focus, however small that may be. The point is, there is intention and effort. You wouldn't say, "I really hope a great movie pops up on that screen in front of me right now".

This is the same as saying, "I hope I have a good day tomorrow!".

Before the great day can happen, you must choose to make it happen. You must do what need to be done to make it happen. Some people don't need much to have a great day, others need to check off 19 things on their to-do list and double their income within 16 hours. Whatever a great day looks like for you, you must spend the effort towards making it that way. It's a good thing that effort is an unlimited resource.

Having a bad day is the easy way out of a day. It requires no effort and yields no reward. Put in the effort, and have a great day.

Step 2: Increase your perception

This is another one that seems useless as if I was telling you to get better glasses. Well, I am in a way. I want you to see things from a different angle.

There are good things that happen to us everyday that go completely unnoticed. We are either too focused on other things or are so used to them happening that we consider them normal. Take waking up for example. You woke up today! What a concept. And I am not saying that in a sarcastic way. That is really a fantastic thing that we overlook everyday. With how things use to be just a couple hundred years ago in terms of health care and life expectancy, we should be waking up with sighs of relief. But I get it, we wake up literally every day. It gets old. What about driving your big metal death trap of a car 70 mph down asphalt just feet away from other speeding metal death traps and arriving safe to your job. What about that person who gave you a smile. What about that simple good dead you were able to do.

The more you can find that can be seen as good, to give you more reasons to feel great about your day, the more ammunition you have in your great day efforts.

Now, what about when bad things do happen. Think about this.

We all know the concept of the ying-yang, right? There is a black and white swirl with dots of black and white in each other. The white represents the good. The black represents the bad. The white dot represents the good in the bad, and the black dot represents the bad in the good.

No matter how bad something may seem, there was a worse scenario that was avoided. There is always good in the bad. Sometimes it just requires more effort than usual to find it. Sometimes it requires a lot of effort.

Say your dog is sick and is said to have 2 weeks to live. I hope this doesn't seem insensitive, but you have a choice: Spend the next 2 weeks crying, or be thankful that you now have 2 weeks to say goodbye to your friend the proper way.

Sometimes, to have a good day, you need to let a bad day happen. You have to allow yourself to have those bad days. The bad days make it easier in the future to find the good things that happen. Just don't get use to not putting in that effort.

By increasing your perception, you are better geared toward the next step.

Step 3: Give Gratitude

With your increased perception, you now have the opportunity give gratitude toward All those things that are often overlooked each day. If you take a real, conscious inventory of all that is good in your life, you will build a better appreciation for where you are even when your circumstances are not the best. While it is so easy to overlook all the things you once would have been ecstatic to have, it is important not to fall into the Hedonistic Treadmill.

The Hedonistic Treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.

This is the "The next thing I get will make me happy" mentality. While it is good to have goals and things you want to achieve, it is important not to let yourself be stuck on the treadmill of happiness. You turn up the speed, elevating your desires, and it give you a rush. You are going so much faster, and it feels great. You are even getting a better workout.

Then, dispute your new achievements or growth, you are right where you were. Your happiness goes right back to that leveled state even though you have accomplished so much.

Jump off the treadmill and see how far you have come. If you don't take a moment to appreciate work and current situation, you will always be turning up the speed and staying in the exact same place.

Step 4: Will Your Subconscious Mind

This isn't a joke even though it may sound odd. Your subconscious mind is a powerful force on your will. You can use it to do extraordinary things, or misuse it for your downfall.

Try this:

Command your subconscious mind to wake yourself up at 6:00 am tomorrow. Don't set an alarm. Will it. Once are able to have a feel for time well enough for your body to know it's been X hours since you fell asleep, it will wake you up naturally at the end of your sleep cycle. I'm not saying it will be perfect or happen the first time, but you will surprise yourself if you really try just a few times.

The point of this is to let you know that the pursuit of a good day doesn't need to be a constant uphill battle. You can have your subconscious on your side. You can say, "I command my subconscious mind to make me aware of beautiful things!" or "... to let my creativity flow!" or "...to will myself out of bed the moment I wake up!".

The important thing is to really try to build that connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. It's not suppose to be like offloading all your paper work to a secretary. It's more like a friendly assist, and you have to be ready to receive it.

Now, if you think this is a bunch of nonsense that won't actually work for you... you're right! It won't work for you. You don't believe it will, so it won't.

I preach about belief a lot. Belief is the most powerful, effective means of growth. Whether it be on a cosmic or internal level, believing in your own path will at the very least gear your mind an body to walk it. If you believe in one thing, believe in you. Not the you that everyone has told you about. Believe in the you that you wish to be. If you are able to do that, you will change course and walk in it's direction. That's the thing. It's a pivot! That's all. The further you walk down that path, the further away your old path gets. It all starts with a PIVOT.

Thank you for reading.